Mykegonlegs CO2 Gas Cylinders

Mykegonlegs supply brand new Catalina Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Cylinders throughout Australia, with over 100 sales and filling locations Australia wide.

We are an Australian company committed to improving life for the average brewer by providing an alternative to expensive CO2 cylinder rental.

Mykegonlegs specialise in providing high quality brand new Catalina CO2 cylinders in a range of sizes. Our 6.8kg, 4.5kg, 2.3kg and 900g sizes also offer brewers a viable choice - being large enough for the serious brewer and more economical to fill than smaller cylinders on the market.

All Mykegonlegs cylinders feature a high quality factory powder coated finish, are made from high strength, lightweight aluminum alloy and generally have a working life well in excess of 50 years.

All cylinders and valves are compliant with current Australian safety and regulatory standards. AS2030.

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